Penny Peddie – Mentor/Mastermind Facilitator  

“It is the principle through which you can accomplish more in one year than you can accomplish in a lifetime if you relied only on your own efforts for success”  ~  Napoleon Hill ~


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As a Mastermind Facilitator I am the person who runs the meetings.  I organize the meeting to run in a smooth orderly manner allowing each member equal time to talk with each meeting beginning and ending on time .  It is my responsibility to create rapport and trust within the group and hold a state of harmony.  In my mastermind meetings I encourage members of the group to help each other, coach and support one another.   My role as facilitator is to assist the group to set individual achievable goals each week and hold members accountable so that each week we can celebrate and raise the vibrations of the group.  It is also my role to assist individuals of the group to overcome any struggles or blocks that may be preventing them from moving forward.  We encourage each other through our own experiences and knowledge to keep us moving forward in meeting our goals.

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Napoleon Hill describes Masterminds as a powerful opportunity through which you can borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence and perhaps capital of the other group members to reach your goals faster.


Common Question Regarding Masterminds

Why should I pay to belong to a Mastermind Group?

One of the main reasons masterminds fail is that members do not commit to their own success.  It takes commitment to show up at every meeting and to participate fully.  The most effective way to commit to your success is by investing in yourself.  As a facilitator I know the importance of having value in oneself.  I trust that my skills and knowledge are worth the exchange of monetary value for my services. This teaches all the participants in my groups to never undervalue themselves and to believe in their worth.



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