Episode 70: The Law of Passion…with Law of Attraction Trainer Penny Peddie

Do you, or someone you know, always seem to get caught up in other people’s drama? How exhausting is that?

It is so important to stay moving in the direction of what it is you want to create and manifest and getting caught up in someone else’s drama you can lose your momentum and your passion can fade.

Ask yourself, Is it time to release these people, places, or things from your life and begin living your passion?

Episode #69: Have You Felt Like Giving Up? Insights by Law of Attraction Trainer Penny PeddieShare event 4 Edit event
Have you ever felt like  giving up on a dream?  Maybe you have felt let  down by someone when you needed  them most?  Have you ever caught yourself saying “What’s the use? Nobody really cares anyway?

This is even more reason to keep going!!

Episode #68: How To Create A Virtual Vision Board Using Social Media…With Law of Attraction Trainer Penny Peddie

Have you ever created a vision board and did not get the results you were hoping for? Or maybe you are becoming tired of the same type of vision board year in and year out? Stayed tuned we have great news!

Make 2016 Your Epic Year. Fill the months with magic, great progress and tangible results. How? With vision boards… Seriously? Absolutely!

On this weeks episode of the Hangout with Penny Show, Penny and her guest co-host Mel Wells we give you some creative tools and techniques to take your creativity to a whole new level.

“The vision boards I’m talking about can create the inspiration and strategic vision required to make dreams come true.

They can also produce the motivation and movement into action that is the ultimate game changer for granite reality manifestation”. Mel Wells

Episode #67: What Is The Balance Of Your Emotional Bank Account?..With Penny Peddie

“We are now in the month of love. Many of us will look to see where we lack love, desire love or different kind of love. Whatever the case may be there is one thing we must remember in this over commercialized month of love. Never beg for love. You can’t give or get what you do not have.
So the question to ask yourself; Are you worth you of your own love and if so show it, yell it, from the mountain tops I AM worthy of my love!
If this is true to the very core of your being, you will never have to beg for love as it will come to you as a bee finds the flower. Love will come to you.” Daniel Gutierrez

On this week’s episode of the Hangout with Penny your host Penny Peddie and her guest co-host Daniel Gutierrez will share insights and personal experiences about the power of standing in your truth and the power of creating a vacuum to allow more good to enter your life.


Episode # 66: Is The The Law of Attraction A Scam?..Insights with Law of Attraction Training Penny Peddie

Ok, so you’ve heard about the law of attraction and have tried to get it to work for you, but to little or no avail.  Sound like you?
You’ve watched the movie and read the books, but you’re thinking…where is my stuff I’m asking for?

So, what’s secret?  Is there a secret?

On this week’s episode of the Hangout With Penny show host Penny Peddie will share insights and some key components to help shed some light on whether there is a secret to activating the Law of Attraction to start attracting more of the things you want and less of the things you don’t.

Episode #65 ~ The Power of A Hug…Insights by Penny Peddie
Hugging?  Really?  YES!  Did you know a hug can turn a feeling of isolation into connection, despair into hope, unforgiveness into forgiveness?  Hugs are powerful.  In these negative times who can be positive?  How?

On the week’s episode of the  Hangout With Penny Show your host Penny Peddie and guest co-host Carol CC Miller will share insights, knowledge, and experiences on how positivity can shift a negative outlook to a positive one by changing our own thoughts.  Also,  Carol CC Miller will share with us the power of a hug and what she does do uplift and help empower the planet one hug at a time.

Episode 64 ~ How to Uncover What Fulfills You So You Can Live Your Life’s Purpose…with Law of Attraction Trainer Penny Peddie

Have you ever caught yourself saying that you’re feeling”unfulfilled”
in your work, relationships, or your life?

Perhaps you or someone you know is struggling to discover their life purpose. Are you confused about the purpose of your life, and looking for clarity to help you figure it out?

You’ve come to the right place.

On the week’s episode of the Hangout With Penny show host Penny Peddie, along with her special guest co-host Michael Losier, you will learn more about YOUR Fulfillment Needs and living your life’s purpose. Knowing what fulfills you will help you make decisions on where and how to spend your time.

Episode 63 How To Get Your Unfair Share…with Law of Attraction Trainer Penny Peddie

Does life seem unfair? Do you feel that you are working your butt off and still none of your desires are manifesting? What about that person that you may know that doesn’t seem to do half the work you do but all there dreams are coming true? What’s up with that??

The time is NOW for YOU to get your Unfair share, you can have whatever you want and the world is abundant so there is no set “share”

On this week’s episode of the Hangout With Penny Show host Penny Peddie and guest co-host Kenn Dixon will explore the topic of how YOU can get your unfair share and live and abundant life.

Dreams Come True ~ Believe

Release your limitation of 2015.
Free yourself to believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

2016 is YOUR year!

Episode 62 Re-Create Your Reality…with Law of Attraction Trainer Penny Peddie

Are you concerned about the lack of money in your life? Do you worry that there will not be enough money to cover your expenses?   Are you fearful or doubtful that you will ever have enough money?

Does this sound like you?  Or maybe someone you know?  Do you feel overwhelmed by your current financial situation and can’t see a way out?  STOP!  You must stop those thoughts immediately!  It is these very thoughts that will  keep you in financial lack and always struggling for money.

On tonight’s Hangout With Penny Show host Penny Peddie will help you learn that you have the ability within yourself to change any situation from a negative one to a positive one, one thought at a time.


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